9 tips to appear on Google

Why do not airplanes crash more often because of a mechanical failure? With all moving parts inside a plane, it should be seen as quite easy. An important reason for this is checklists. Before pilots press the start button, they perform a comprehensive pre-flight check to make sure everything is working properly.

Entrepreneurs who are hoping for better search engine optimization should take a lesson on checklists. Nine entrepreneurs who read this can create their own checklist to make sure everything is perfect for launching your new site or improving your search engine optimisation. A checklist is able to help you achieve the best chance of getting better search results on Google.

So, before publishing your next web content, take a look at this list of the 9 absolute best SEO tips.

1. Choose a good keyword to focus on

The absolute first step is to choose a keyword or phrase that you want to look at. If I’m writing an article about SEO, I want to find out what people are looking for.

The easiest way to do this is Keyword Planner , a free Google tool that shows you an estimate of all search phrases and words. Note that you must create an AdWords account to access Keyword Planner.

Do you find a combination of words that you want to be seen on? Good – but we are not completely ready to start writing about this topic. We must first do some research.

2. Examine the competition

Now that we have found a couple of keywords we want to try to rank for, now is the time to go undercover. We will now switch to a private location in our browser.

The feature is also available for Safari and is called “Private”.

Now it’s time for you to surf Google, the reason we choose to go into a “private mode” is that Google should not recognize our previous search history as this may affect what we see on the search results page.

Take a look at all content on page 1 of Google and ignore any ad results. Compare now with your competitor, what are they missing? Can you do it better?

3. Type the best content

Now that you know how your competition looks, it’s time to create content, a content that will make you rank better than your competitors. This is perhaps the hardest part, but the most important. Your new content must now and in the future remain AWESOME.

I do not care if you create a sales page, a blog post, an e-commerce. But you must be better than your competitors otherwise neither your audience nor Google will notice this.

4. Enter the keyword in your page title

You know that, but I’ll say that anyway. Your page title should contain your keyword, it does not have to be exact.

In addition, the title must be interesting enough for people to click on it. Do not forget that SEO is psychological.

5. Enter the keyword in your box

You can structure most web pages by having a larger title at the top, followed by several subheadings. Google must understand exactly what your page is about. Therefore, be sure to use your exact keyword phrase at least once in your subheadings.

6. The keyword in the name and the alt tag of your images

Believe me, here you can win plus points. There are unbelievably many companies that have forgotten this.
All the images that you use on your website give Google a reference about your topic and there are two ways to do this:

1. Picture name (Yes, it matters!)

2. Image all tag

To change the image name, simply change the name of the image on your computer before uploading it to your website. Instead of a file called “2548115.png” you can rename it to something relevant.

Alt tag is something you specify when uploading the image to your site.

7. Use the keyword in the URL

Another way to show Google what your page is about is the URL. For example, which of the following URLs do you think Google will like is better?


Quite right if you guessed the other.

8. Internal links

If you do not link your best content, why should someone else care? For this reason, it is important that your best SEO content be linked internally with other pages on your site.

This means that you may need to go back and edit older pages to include links to the new pages.

9. The absolutely important. Get external links.

Believe it or not, but the most important are external links. Google builds strongly on external links to determine how well a website / post / ehandel is. Does it make sense? You can see relationships between Google’s tactics and references that an employer may want from you.

When you produce a great content, possibly get some links, but the truth is that you have to create something called “link building”. This means that if you help other sites with links, you also have the right to ask if they can link to you.

We will learn more about how to build a strong relationship with Link Building later on CorporateEnglish.com – so keep an eye out!

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