Balcony flooring tips

This time I blog about decking or click slabs of wood, which has almost become a classic on the balcony. No wonder it easy and simple brings a whole new feel to the balcony. The wood gives a warm, vibrant and cozy feeling. And it is strong and durable – for the most part.

wooden flooring

Avoid the cheapest clicks plates that are usually found in supermarkets, because you do not want to lay on the floor again next year? There are many different types of wood on the market, some better suited to our climate than others. Self, I recommend teak to have a long shelf life and economical maintenance, and leave it to sand and oil teak – let it rather gray with charm! Here is an exclusive decking IPE which is very durable.

If you buy other hand, treated / oiled wood, you must continue with the maintenance. But now it has started to get more water-based products on the market that works better, because of oil, there are namely substances that promote the growth of black mold. If you choose nevertheless to use oil as usually paint retailers recommend Chinese oil and that one should emphasize on it sparingly. It is a bit more expensive, but also more economic.


A fun alternative that has come in recent years is the artificial turf . What is better than to walk out and feel the dew under their feet, without having to spend time in a garden ?! Art from Artificial turf grass expert is a very good imitation, and of good quality, in addition drain it quickly in case of rain.

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