Dynamic Product Ads or Dynamic Ads have previously only been available for advertising in Facebook, now released feature for Instagram. This opens up new opportunities for advertisers and for Instagram as a marketing channel. Consult Digital Marketing experts for perfect promotion.

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What is the dynamic product listings? (Dynamic ads)

Dynamic Product Ads is a type of remarketing and can therefore only be addressed to those users who have previously visited your website. The ad created automatically and dynamically based on what products your visitors showed interest in, the products placed in the basket and on a purchase has been made.

How Dynamic PLAs

Let’s say your visitors show interest in football. During this visit, there will be no purchase, but some of the goods placed in the basket anyway. When these visitors then use Facebook will them look dynamic product ads that are customized to the products they showed interest in the past? This creates a high recognition of the brand and products when the relevance of the ad and the user gets very high. These types of ads tend to generate a higher conversion rate than traditional Facebook ads.

The main difference between dynamic product ads to traditional remarketing is that they are linked directly to your current product catalog. This means that the visitor will only be exposed to products that are in stock at the moment and the current price of the product. In addition, disabled the ads once the conversion has been carried out, which means that you do not disturb the customers who have already made a purchase.

To create dynamic PLAs need a Facebook-pixel, a product feed and dynamic ad templates  related to your advertising account manager in the business.

Dynamic product listings available for Instagram

In early May launched feature for Instagram. This means a big change for Instagram as a sales channel as the previously seen primarily as a branding channel when it comes to marketing and would have had a big focus on direct conversions. With dynamic product ads more relevant to the products and with it also expected sales to increase over the canal.


Although new capabilities for custom audiences

In connection with the update will also be new features for custom audiences (Custom Audiences). These include the ability to control your ads on variables such as frequency or time spent on the site.

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