Holidays mean increased burglary risk

At last long weekend! Time for some sunny days in the summer house, with relatives in the country or perhaps a weekend in Europe. Unfortunately, there are more than you who look forward to the extra-long weekends as early summer offers. During the festival weekends increases burglary risk significantly.

In the spring and X-mas are waiting many red and days in the calendar. Statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council that the number of reported burglaries skyrockets precisely during major holidays. Therefore, make sure that the burglar-proof house from uninvited guests before you go, so you can relax properly on your vacation.

Home alarms
A first step to a safer everyday, even when you are in another place, is to install a burglar alarm . With Verisures new product vibration detector, which is now standard in all emergency package, the alarm is triggered as soon as the thieves try to break open doors or windows. Thus alerted you at the burglary attempt, and in the best cases, burglary averted when the loud sirens indoor runs.

An installed home alarm works often prohibitive. Additionally, you can also do some simple things yourself in order to reduce the risk of being exposed. Here is why tips on things that are good to keep in mind when you are going away and celebrations with family and friends.

Ask a neighbour to empty your mailbox or your postbox. An overflowing mailbox or a pile of letters on the hall floor indicates that home owners are away, which means free-for thieves.

Get timers for your lights, such as smart plug . A lamp is lit constantly says hardly anything about the owners are at home or not, but the lighting that turns on and off in different rooms at irregular times can give the impression that the house is full of life.

Opt for a proper lock with knob cover and security chain. With a digital lock will not have to also worry if you forgot to lock; you can instantly see if the door is locked through an app on your phone.

Make sure the burglar-proof house from uninvited guests before you go, so you can relax properly on your vacation.

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