Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Different for everyone

Usually, wisdom teeth make themselves known at 18-25 years of age. Sometimes they grow up completely painless and takes his place in the teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth cause problems in connection with the move through the jawbone. Wisdom teeth can also cause discomfort because of painful inflammation around the tooth (pericoronit).The number the wisdom teeth can vary.

In most usually about two teeth in each jaw. But in some cases, there may be an extra tooth and in some evolution has made the gene for wisdom teeth disappeared completely. It is not unusual for the wisdom teeth located in the jawbone without having to get up and sometimes the tooth grows horizontally in the jawbone instead of vertically. In some cases the wisdom tooth surgery in order to avoid damage to the front of the tooth.

wisdom teethWisdom Teeth Hard to keep clean

Wisdom teeth have the same quality as good as the other teeth. They are just a little worse. Wisdom teeth are hard to clean because they are furthest into the mouth.Sometimes covering the gums half the tooth and leaves a perfect pocket for bacteria to hide in. Then there is a high risk of tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

To mend holes in a molar is quite complicated because it is difficult to access with tools. A dentist can see on radiographs how wisdom teeth will grow and how they fold.Regular dental visits can prevent problems with wisdom teeth that can cause damage to other teeth. It is also possible when the tooth comes to see if it will be difficult to clean.

Wisdom Teeth Operation

Wisdom teeth that are causing problems tend dentist pull out. If the tooth is really bad it may require surgery. With today’s stunning methods it is possible to remove wisdom teeth relatively painless. Once the tooth is gone, you can get the pain over a few days. It usually helps to take a painkilling tablet.

After the procedure settles the blood as a cover over the hole left by the tooth. To avoid infections and provide a good healing is important not rinse the mouth or wasting in the hole with the tongue since the natural protection disappears. After a week usually wound to be healed.

For non-transient pain, bleeding, swelling, gapsvårigheter, difficulty swallowing or fever, contact your dentist. You can then have suffered an infection and get treatment for it.

What problems arise

Problems with the wisdom teeth usually heard in a toothache and swelling in the gum and cheek. Sometimes you may have problems with gaping. If the swelling spreads down your throat, and you have a fever, you should seek medical care immediately.Pain relief may help temporarily. Problems with the wisdom teeth usually lead to its removal. If the tooth or the area around the tooth become really infected need to rinse with antiseptic before the procedure. Sometimes it may require a course of antibiotics.

Discover wisdom teeth in older people usually allow the wisdom tooth remain if it is not necessary to operate because of severe infection. Over the years, namely harden the jawbone and an intervention can do more harm than good.

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